American Condenser & Coil LLC

NARSA Heat Transfer & Mobile A/C Exhibitor

1628 West 139th Street
Gardena, CA  90249
United States




American Condenser is the leading automotive condenser manufacturer and distributor in North America.  With over 1600 applications available, we continue to innovate and design the newest automotive condenser products.  The rigorous quality standards we follow allow us to construct top quality condensers for any application.  This ensures we are more than qualified to deliver a fantastic product at a great price, while instilling confidence to our clients.

At American Condenser and Coil, we still maintain a manufacturing plant in the USA.  Located in Gardena, California we are manufacturing some of the finest quality cooling products in the entire world.  American Condenser is not your average condenser company, with the extensive knowledge and latest innovation we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry.

Parts & Components

  • Air conditioning compressors

  • Air conditioning condensers

  • Radiators- standard replacement