BMR Distributing, Inc.

NARSA Heat Transfer & Mobile A/C Exhibitor

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Bellflower, CA  90706
United States



Electrolysis Control Technologies by Ve-Labs and Interject additives, offering a comprehensive total package to manage chemical and mechanical electrolysis, erosion corrosion and eliminate premature failure of aluminum engine and cooling system components.

Our products are Sacrificial RadCap (radiator cap), Smart Ground Wire, Coolant Filter and Inspection System, Voltage Sponge, Radiator Mister, Locking Boat Gas Cap, L-11 Coolant Degreaser, Inter-Ject Coolant Flusher, Electrolysis Arrestor, Fuel and Diesel Treatment

Clean Diesel Specialists provides Diesel Emission Compliance Services,
including Diesel Exhaust systems and components, Diesel Particulate
Filter cleaning, Smoke testing, Data Logging, DPF retrofitting,

Tanks-A-Lot & Envriomotive Equipment Manufacturers specializing in radiator shop equipment, boil out tank, test tank, ultrasonic cleaner, ventilation system, Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning cabinets, waste water systems

Ve-Labs, Vehicle Enhancement Labs, Inter-Ject, Tanks-A-Lot, Clean Diesel Specialists, Red Mountain Smoke Test, Huss, Engine Control Systems

Chemicals & Car Care

  • Additives- cooling system

  • Additives- fuel

Parts & Components

  • Caps- oil/fuel/radiator

Tools & Equipment

  • Cooling system service equipment