Zhejiang Leibeisi Radiator Co., Ltd.

NARSA Heat Transfer & Mobile A/C Exhibitor

Room 8319, World Tower B, An De Road, Dongcheng District
Beijing, 100011



Company products include automotive radiator-chip aluminum tubes, aluminum brazing-radiator, condenser, in the cold, stacked evaporator of the top-five, covering the U.S. General Motors, Opel, the German Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Japan’s Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Daewoo, Kia and national Gold Cup, the mini-series trucks, and other popular models supporting more than 300 kinds of products. Exports to the United States, France, Russia, Italy, Britain, Germany, South Africa, India, Poland, Chile, Israel, Libya, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Malaysia, Thailand, Arab, and so on more than 30 countries and regions.80,000,000 U.S. dollars in export value over.

The company has a strong R & D strength, the ability of independent innovation, technology development has a research office, laboratory products, with a cadre of highly skilled technology; has been formed and highly effective management, the establishment of a modern production plant, the establishment and The perfect quality management system and after-sales service network. Scientific and technological content of products and quality has been a leader in the industry.



Accessories & Custom

  • Radiators – oversized/conversion

Parts & Components

  • Radiators- standard replacement

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