We continue the conversation on coolants with Joe Long of Old World Industries. Members will likely remember Joe from our podcast in 2021 and at our Houston Heavy-Duty Conference in 2022 where he discussed Coolants 101. Joe will be back with us in Chicago at our Heavy-Duty Conference June 6 with more on coolants and how the electric vehicles may impact our industries.

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You can find “Solder & Soot” on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor.fm as well as http://narsa-idea.org/podcast. “Solder & Soot” features business success stories from leaders within the cooling and emissions fields. Each episode, our hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran will interview entrepreneurs and industry experts.


Mark Taylor graduated from Wesley College before starting his own radiator repair business in 1981. He later owned and operated ERS Cooling Systems in Glen Burnie, MD for 36 years. He served as President of NARSA from 2014-2016, then Chairman of NARSA from 2016-2018 before becoming the Executive Director in 2019.


Bobby Duran is President of Cooling Systems Caribe in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Bobby started his career with S&F Radiator Service in New Jersey in 2005 and successfully exited the business in 2016. He has been a NARSA member for 15 years and a board member for over 10 years. He previously served as NARSA/IDEA's President (2020-2022). 


This “Solder & Soot” episode is sponsored by Johnson Manufacturing

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